Final Cave Springs Survey Trip 2/25/2014

Participants:  Jason Lachinet, Emma Buchanan, Hunter Wyatt, and Steve Ahn

Time in: 6:00pm
Time out:  Midnight
Temperature in:   Not too bad
Temperature out:  30 degrees… Core temperature out… also 30 degrees

Cave length = 1,491 feet
Cave depth = 37.5 feet

Jason will probably post some more info on the map in a future post or added to this one.  Well, the fantastic 4 finished Cave Springs.  We made our way back to the stream passage (full immersion) and surveyed up some 70+ degree shots to the virgin lead that Jason found on the previous trip.  It was quite beautiful but in the end, it did not get us past the sump.  The upper lead was also cold – so I assume we were close to the surface or sinkhole… The disadvantage to that was that by the time we were done with the survey, we were cold.  And then we had to get back into the water.  Before we left, we had a look at a breakdown room and there was passage going from that but it was rather downhill and too tight and probably went back to the stream passage… but you never know…. however, that will be left to future cavers… really small ones.  Near the entrance, we surveyed the last passage to what Emma called “the hot tub room”.  It also required some time spent neck deep.  By the end of the survey we were all somewhat shivering… and had been for quite some time.  The walk out was super cold again and actually outdid the discomfort felt on the previous trip.  However, it was a really fun project with some really great people and I am actually a bit sad to see it end.  If you want some pictures that Emma took and video taken for my Earth Science classes, go to the youtube link posted.  We shall now await Jason’s map.

2 thoughts on “Final Cave Springs Survey Trip 2/25/2014

  1. Congratulations on finishing the survey and many thanks for all the effort and hard work you guys put in to finish the survey. Thanks also for that great visual aid to illustrate just how pleasant Spring House Cave is and the ease with which you guys were able to finish the survey

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