ACC Clean-up at Perkins Cave

OK, it’s been a busy summer for everyone, with not as much caving going on as preferred. Still progress has been made on a number of fronts. June 25, 2016 saw an ACC work day at Perkins Cave. Members of the Appalachian Cave Conservancy, Triangle Troglodytes, Flittermouse Grotto, and Walker Mountain Grotto cleaned up some run-away poison ivy and cleaned out the poplar tree entrance of several years’ worth of accumulated trash, to include a half-dozen tires, barbed wire, and random scrap metal. A full report of the clean-up can be found in the August 2016 NSS News, courtesy of Buford Pruitt.

In conjunction with the clean-up Jason Lachniet led a survey trip into Perkins with Tri-Trogs Carlin Kartchner  and Ken Walsh. They mopped up some loose ends, finishing the BCK survey in the mazy breakdown room beyond the 200 Foot Crawl. Following that thankless job (by the way: thank you, Carlin, Ken, and Jason!) they headed off into the 800 Foot Crawl section. Final footage for the trip was an impressive 1046 feet of survey.

Carlin, at the entrance.



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