Dues are $10 per year for an individual or $15 for a family. Membership runs from January 1 to December 31 each year.

Full membership is limited to members of the NSS. Regular members are individuals 18 years of age or older who are current on their Grotto membership dues and are members of the NSS. Voting membership consists of all Regular Members who have paid annual dues for the current year to the Walker Mountain Grotto. Nothing shall limit a member’s affiliation with another grotto except that the Executive Committee members will declare the Walker Mountain Grotto as their primary NSS Internal Organization affiliation. Associate members are individuals who are current on their Grotto membership dues, but who are not members of the National Speleological Society. Associate members may not vote, hold office, or serve as committee chairman.

Complete the form below to join or renew. After you have submitted your membership application, either click the Pay Now with PayPal link to send a payment of the appropriate amount (you will be asked to enter the amount), or you can mail a check payable to Walker Mountain Grotto to the address below.

To pay your dues with PayPal, use this link: Pay Now with PayPal
(If you pay with PayPal, we would appreciate it if you use the “Friends & Family” option. Thanks!)


Mail your dues by check payable to Walker Mountain Grotto to:

Walker Mountain Grotto
c/o Tanya McLaughlin
704 Holston Hills Ln
Marion, VA 24354-1670